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welcome to orthomotion!

orthomotion was created because we believe patients come first. we specialize in shoulder to hand rehabilitation and are proud to hold high recovery rates in a shorter therapy course duration.  we promote health, healing, and insure optimal restoration of function for our patients. we provide personalized and individualized hands on treatment to a wide range of upper extremity injuries, acute, chronic and degenerative illnesses.

we start by conducting a thorough evaluation, often within days of the injury or surgery, followed by the development of a recovery plan tailored to each patient's specific needs. our focus is to provide ONE-ON-ONE care throughout the entire recovery process. we evaluate and assess our patients and their presenting conditions, develop treatment programs and deliver comprehensive care so they can lead fully functioning, healthy lives.

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a message of solidarity - orthomotion stands firmly against racial injustice and racism. more deeply than ever before, we join the voices against division. we have a responsibility to drive positive change, to fight injustice, to have those uncomfortable conversations. we encourage you to consider taking a stand as well.

orthomotion workshop with Lorena

meet Lorena

Lorena brings over 15 years of professional expertise in the occupational therapy field. she began her career working with little ones with cerebral palsy, helping them have more functional use of their upper extremities.

upper back physical therapy

our services

we specialize in:

  • shoulder

  • hand

  • elbow

  • injury rehabilitation

wrist physical therapy


"I was very fortunate to have Lorena at Orthomotion help me recover from a fractured broken elbow...the exercises, movements and her extensive knowledge & experience were key to my recovery and healing...not to mention her friendly and fun personality!"

-R.M. March 2017

"I went to Orthomotion after having rotator cuff and biceps surgery. I was scared and did not know what to expect. But Lore, you greeted me with a big smile and explained to me in detail what to expect... you have no idea how much I thank you for your care and professionalism!! You showed tremendous dedication as well as outstanding knowledge throughout all my rehabilitation process! You were patient with me, you gave me hope during my cloudy days, and not only rehabilitated my shoulder from a strenuous surgery, but also rehabilitated my spirit!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

-M.R. January 2017

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